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We are excited about having you at SLC! This guide is designed to give you all the information you need to plan a successful trip to camp. Please take some time to explore all the information, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Dates and Rates      

2020 Dates:
Week 1: May 25 - 29
Week 2: June 1 - 5
Week 3: June 8 - 12
Week 4: June 15 - 19
Week 5: June 22 - 26

2020 Registration Rates:

Students: $200
Advisors: $200
Advisor Children: $100

2020 Late Registration Rate: (Register After Wednesday, April 15, 2020)
$210 per person

2020 Deposit:
$100 per student

Advisor Special: One free advisor per 10 students from a single chapter. This applies only to individual chapters. You must have 10 students actually attend in order to get the free advisor.

Advisor Children: Children of advisors age 4 and up may receive the reduced rate only if they are not FFA or FCCLA members. They will not be allowed to compete in "Team of the Week" competitions during the week. Children 3 and under are free. If advisor children participate in the Pre-Camper Program, their registration is the same as students. 

Chaperone Special: 
Registration is free for non-advisor adult chaperones (such as a parent) that are needed to supervise a gender of students if there is not an advisor for both genders. The chaperone must stay in the cabin with students to qualify. All chaperones must be at least 21 years of age. They must be approved by your school administration and follow your school's chaperone policies. Chaperones must sign the Advisor Expectations form and follow all camp policies.

Late Registration Policy: If a chapter registers after Wednesday, April 15, 2020, the chapter will be asked to pay a late registration fee. Late registration will be $210 per person. 

When money is due: The deposit per student is required to register. Deposit must be received within two weeks of online registration form submission. Balance is due upon arrival at camp. Advisors may send the advisor's registration balance after camp. 

Who Can You Bring to Camp?      

Members: Any dues-paid member of your FFA or FCCLA Chapter who you believe will be a good representative of your chapter and school. All students must attend with their chapter - no individual registrations are accepted. IMPORTANT NOTE: By registering students you agree: (1) You will send a deposit for the number of students you register. If you send a deposit for less than you registered, you will be invoiced for the remaining deposits. (2) These students are dues-paid members of FFA or FCCLA. (3) You will bring or pre-arrange an adult chaperone for males and females if you bring them.

Advisors of FFA and FCCLA chapters. If you are attending SLC during your post planning, you may not use those days for extended year days.

Adult Chaperones: Advisors are responsible for ensuring at least 1 adult per 10 students. You must arrange an advisor or chaperone for EVERY gender of students you bring. If you do not have enough chaperones, contact another advisor before camp to make arrangements. Inform the camp of any arrangements at least one week prior to camp. All chaperones must be at least 21 years of age. They must be approved by your school administration and follow your school's chaperone policies. Chaperones must sign the Advisor Expectations form and follow all camp policies.

Graduated Seniors: Graduated senior FFA or FCCLA members who graduated in the current year may attend. Anyone who graduated high school before the current year may NOT participate as a member.

Advisor Children: Children of advisors may attend. They may receive a reduced rate only if they are not FFA or FCCLA members. If they are not members, they will not be allowed to compete in "Team of the Week" competitions during the week. Check with your school system to ensure that there are no additional restrictions on bringing your child to camp. Children age 3 and under are free. Children age 5 and over cannot stay in the cabin of the opposite gender.

Step One: Complete the Online Registration Form      
Registration Opens: 
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Time: 7:00 AM

The registration link will become active at that time.
Note: Some weeks will reach capacity within minutes of registration opening (typically the earlier weeks.)
Note: You must send a deposit for the exact number of students that you submit online.

Preview what the form will look like in the module to the right! This is a PDF of what the form will look like, so you can be prepared to enter your information faster.

High Attendance Early Registration: (For counties with more than 60 people)
Date: Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Time: 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

To Qualify for Large County Registration: You must have at least 60 people registering for a single week from a single county. Please note: if your county does not register at least 60 people on this day then your early registration will be deleted and you will need to register again with regular registration. We will email you a confirmation to verify whether your county qualified.

Note: If you have a chapter from an adjacent county that you have attended camp with for at least 2 years, you may register on this day if you register at least 60 people together. 

Step Two: Send Your Deposit Check      

We must receive your deposit check within two weeks of completing the Online Registration Form. The deposit must match what you submit online or you will be billed for the difference. See Deposit Policies below. A Deposit Invoice will be emailed to you upon submission of the SLC Registration Form. 

Deposit Policy

Deposits equal student slots for your chapter.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and forfeited if you cancel or if your number of students decreases.
  • You MUST send a deposit for the number of students that you registered online. If you send a deposit for less than you registered, you will be invoiced for the remaining deposits.
  • Deposits for a cancelled student will not be applied to the balance for your chapter. Forfeited deposits will not be applied to advisor or child payments.
  • No deposit required for advisors, chaperones, or children of advisors (if child is coming at the reduced rate).
  • The Deposit is part of the total cost.
  • You CAN substitute another student from your chapter for a cancelled student from your chapter prior to arrival.
  • Deposits can be transferred to another chapter only if the chapters are in the same system AND payment for the two chapters is being made with one check.
  • If your chapter pays the full registration fee prior to camp, and a student cancels, you may receive a refund for that student's fee less the deposit for that student.
  • There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Payment Methods

  • Check or cash are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Please makes checks payable to Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center.
  • Separate advisor receipts are available.
  • Note that we can only give a receipt in an advisor's name if the payment comes directly from the advisor.
  • We accept personal checks from advisors, but we will not accept personal checks from students or parents.
Deposit Invoices and Payment Invoices are available. 

Step Three: Updates      

Make changes as necessary. Email us at GeorgiaSLC@GaAgEd.org with the changes.

Rules for making changes:

  • To drop a student - you forfeit the deposit for any dropped student.
  • To make an even swap (substituting one student for another student) - there is no change to the price.
  • To add a paying adult or child - if the week is still open, you can simply add an adult or advisor's child at the current price. No deposit needed.
  • To add a student - Contact us to make sure we can still accept more students. 
  • To drop an adult or child - no penalty.

Step Four: Complete the Online Medical Forms      
Online Medical Forms will become available on April 1, 2020. 
  • Use the link located in the module to the right to complete the Online Medical Form. 
  • Complete this step by Wednesday at 2:00 PM on the week prior to your week of camp.

Step Five: Complete the Online Final Registration Roster      
Complete this step by Wednesday at 2:00 PM on the week prior to your week of camp. Even if you anticipate that some changes may occur, it is important that you complete the Final Registration Roster.

Step Six: Check In At Camp!      

Check-in will occur at the Ag Center. Students are asked to remain outside during check-in. You will need to have the following items at check-in:

  • Completed Online Advisor/Chaperone Expectations form for every adult attending SLC. Online forms will become available April 1st. 
  • Accurate Final Registration Roster
  • Full payment. A Payment Invoice is available in the module to the right.
  • Door Prize (optional). We ask that chapters bring a door prize of $10 value.

Check-In Info      


Check-In on Monday will be from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM 

Check-In Location

Check-In will occur at the Ag Center. We will have signs and staff directing you, but it is the first driveway on the right after you pull onto Camp Road. 

Roster and Release Forms

If you have submitted your Final Registration Roster and all of your students have completed their Release Forms, then Check-In will go quickly. Both are due on Wednesday before you arrive. 


Tell your students to keep medications packed in a way that is easily accessible. Bring in any controlled medications when you check in. Remember they must be in the original prescription bottle, and should only be enough for the week of camp. Daily pill sorters are not permitted. 

Advisor/Chaperone Forms 

Every adult must complete the Advisor/Chaperone Expectations form. The Online 2020 Advisor / Chaperone Forms will be available on April 1st. 


Please bring the balance to check-in. Remember deposits are forfeited if your number drops, but we can reimburse balance payments if you overpay. We accept cash or checks. 

We do NOT accept personal checks from parents or students but we will accept personal checks from advisors.

Door Prizes

You can earn points for your team by bringing a door prize per team. Usually about a $10 value. They are due Tuesday by noon if you want points.

Advisor Guide      
NameDate AddedSize
Preparation Checklist 1/8/2020 161 KB
Student Registration Checklist 1/8/2020 182 KB
Letter to Parents 1/8/2020 29 KB
Camp Policies and Dress Code 1/9/2020 131 KB
Advisor What to Bring 1/8/2020 125 KB
What To Bring 2/25/2019 20 KB
Directions 2/25/2019 131 KB
Golf Cart Policy 2/25/2019 59 KB
Safety Procedures 2/25/2019 21 KB
Map of the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center 1/8/2020 250 KB
2019 Sample Schedule 1/9/2020 1833 KB

  Parental Consent/Medical Form
Click here to visit the Georgia FFA-FCCLA Center's Medical Website!

For questions or more information:

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720 FFA FHA Camp Rd.
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Office: 770-786-6926
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