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Who can go to camp?      
Any dues-paid member of a Georgia FFA or FCCLA chapter who would be a good representative of their chapter and school. All students must attend with their chapter - no individual registrations are accepted.

Graduated senior FFA or FCCLA members who graduated in the current year may attend. Anyone who graduated high school before the current year may not participate as a member.

What's included in the registration fee?      
Cost includes all meals, lodging, programs, and a t-shirt.

There are a few things at camp that cost extra, such as snacks from the canteen, craft kits in the craftshop, and ammunition at the shooting range.

SLC is one of the least expensive camps in the country (just Google around and see!) but we know that it's still tough to pay for camp. We encourage you to work with your chapter to do fundraisers and ask for scholarships from your community to help pay for camp.

Rules, Policies and Dress Code      
Because this is Leadership Camp and a school function, we have strict rules. It is critical that you are aware of these rules before camp and understand the consequences of not following the rules.

Team of the Week      
There are two "Team of the Week" awards which will be awarded on Thursday night:

1. Competition Team of the Week. Throughout the week, teams earn points by competing in various events. At the end of the week, the team with the most points earns the title "Team of the Week." The competitions include team events such as softball, volleyball, swim meet, relay race, and the obstacle course. There are also individual competitions such as tennis, miniature golf, ping pong, basketball, crafts, soccer kick, football toss, quiz bowl, fishing, skeet shooting, archery, and rifle shooting. Only dues-paid FFA or FCCLA members can compete in the Team of the Week competitions. High School Seniors that graduate in the spring can compete during that summer. Children and adults are not permitted to compete. Advisors will receive detailed rules and explanations when they arrive at camp. There are tentative rules included in the Advisor Guide.

2. Leadership Team of the Week. Teams are evaluated by other teams and the staff throughout the week on leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and attitude. The team that best displays the overall values of SLC will win Leadership Team of the Week.

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  Leaders In Training
Are you addicted to SLC? Not yet eligible for Summer Staff, but you want to serve? Apply to be selected as a Leader in Training! You get to volunteer for a week of SLC and work along with the Summer Staff! 

Application Coming Soon!

  How To Register
Your advisor will get the registration information in January. Tell them that you want to go to SLC this summer!

  Free Time Activities
Camp offers many activities including: Pool, canoes, paddleboats, crafts, canteen, tennis, miniature golf, ping pong, and fishing. There are also some adventure activities available including the Mega Slip and Slide, Zip Line, Climbing Wall, Shooting Sports, and Horseback Riding.


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